Review by: Stephen Mccrossen

Date: April 16,02014

Fantastic item, fantastic price with fantastic service

Review by: Majuran Kathiramalai

Date: April 16,02014

Really good service. Quick and efficient. Good quality product. Top Class. High Standard

Review by: Anthony Clohesy

Date: April 16,02014

After extensive research, I finally went for the Korg SP170s - it was at a very decent price on UmbrellaMusic, bundled with a solid stand, seat and headphones for £340. I have neither the budget nor expertise to be looking for a 'proper' digital piano, but I am very pleased with this model. Not having tried out any machines in shops, I didn't get to directly compare to rivals such as the Yamaha P35, but the keyboard action is definitely more like a piano than a keyboard, which is what I was aiming at. The key weighting seems realistic for the most part, and it certainly seems like the keys are genuinely heavy rather than just made to feel that way. I think for fast playing I would find it a bit of a challenge, but that may well be the case for a 'real' piano anyway! One of the big advantages is the size - being technically a stage piano it fits nicely into even a relatively small space, and is only around 130cm long despite having a full 88 key keyboard. I also like the minimalist approach to buttons - there's the on-off switch, a volume control, 'piano' (to quickly select the main piano sound) and 'sound' (to scroll through the others). All the other features (including fine tuning, transposing, MIDI, etc, are controlled using the keys themselves (hold down the buttons and press the relevant key on the keyboard). Will mean keeping the instruction booklet handy to get to grips with it, but I like the fact that the display is not overburdened with switches and displays. My son (8 months) loves it already, and will no doubt enjoy growing up with a piano in the house.

Review by: David Powell

Date: April 15,02014

Good value, swift delivery, excellent overall

Review by: Dr CJ Easton

Date: April 15,02014

Excellent piano and sound very good on decent headphones. Good sound on speakers and a bonus to have the aux in. Also very solid on stand. Good feel about the keys and pedal works well. Would definitely recommend. Customer service truly excellent too.

Review by: Dennis Le Prevost

Date: April 15,02014

We are very pleased with our new digital piano and looking forward to having our first lessons.

Review by: Lisa Rabin-Smith

Date: April 15,02014

Very pleased with this excellent keyboard, ideal for a beginner. Free fast delivery and great free accessories, as well as a good price.

Review by: Dean Hassan

Date: April 15,02014

As someone who hasn't played the piano properly in about 25 years, I didn't want to break the bank until I found out how much I would be likely to stick it out and give it's worth. After months of research and deliberation, I settled on this YDP142 Rosewood and all I can say I can't fault it in anyway. For it's diminutive size, it's subtle and blends into the house and surprisingly functional and capable. The sound is brilliant and it's packed to the brim with functionality. Couple the YDP142 with a USB cable, a tablet and Synthesia, you've got yourself both a player piano to play any MIDI song you can imagine and a teacher. Mix all that up with Umbrella Music's awesome turnaround and delivery, I've got something I can't wait to get back to and play at any possible opportunity. I couldn't recommend it more.

Review by: Sarah Perkin

Date: April 15,02014

Great sounds for piano which is what I was looking for. Touch sensitivity is great, easy to get good dynamics. Very pleased with my purchase

Review by: Sarah Perkin

Date: April 15,02014

Great protective case. Plenty of room for wires and pedals. Great having wheels on it.

Review by: Herbert Murbach

Date: April 15,02014

It's all perfect! Yamaha P35 is a wonderful instrument with all its variant sounds. The handling is really comfortable. Ich kann das Instrument nur wärmstens empfehlen und der Service von Umbrellamusic ist exzellent!

Review by: Dan Smith

Date: April 15,02014

Not only the best price I could find (after a lot of searching) but a great delivery service, including taking away all the packaging after set up. Excellent online / offline service.

Review by: Matthew Wetherall

Date: April 15,02014

Kawai CN34 piano excellent for its price. Umbrella music's price was very good and customer service excellent.

Review by: Richard McNab

Date: April 15,02014

For the money the Piano is Brilliant. Absolutely perfect for a beginner to intermediate for home use. I tried some others out that were more expensive and couldn't justify the extra money. The headphones aren't the best and they have the wrong size jack plug for the piano so I had to buy an adapter ( bit of an oversight by umbrella). Overall I would say this package for this price is very very good!

Review by: Karl Thorley

Date: November 19,02013

Thank you all at Umbrella Music for a first class service. Thanks for all the help that you gave me in answering all my questions. The CLP470 was delivered very fast and I am very happy with it. Thanks, Karl

Review by: Andrew Tune

Date: October 30,02013

The bag is absolutely fine and it was delivered quickly. I bought it over a year ago and have just been asked for a review.

Review by: Baiatu George

Date: July 19,02012

Great piano !!! I was not expecting this quality for this money but it's worth every penny. I asked my teacher to try it an it sounded like an upright piano (almost :P). Long story short, I am very pleased with it. I am practicing with my son (4 yo) everyday . It could sound even better with bigger speakers but, for a medium room , those two do their job. % instruments on it...we are using only the grand piano; the rest of them ... if you want string you wold have bot a violin . Well, to all of you I'll say :go for it. It's worth the money.

Review by: David Norman

Date: June 19,02012

I'm very happy with my Yamaha NP31. While it only appears to have a limited set of voices, by combining them in pairs and varying the extent to which one or other is dominant it's possible to get a much larger range of sounds. And that's before you start tweaking the reverb levels! Personally I would prefer an instrument without built-in tunes and demos, so I've never bothered with them. To sum up, it's a really nice keyboard, approved by the guys in the scratch band I play in and pretty good value. I'm just sorry I bought mine before the adapter and bench came free with it!!!

Review by: SAM

Date: June 18,02012

Good sound and reasonably rugged. Still going strong a year on.

Review by: SAM

Date: June 18,02012

Does what it says on the tin!

Review by: Alan Martin

Date: June 18,02012

This item was sourced and purchased for my Tyros 4 Keyboard. I have no regrets, it does what it says on the tin and I am very satisfied with the quality and the price paid at the time.

Review by: Anne Pringle Davies

Date: March 04,02012

I learned to play the piano when I was 7, nearly 60 years ago. I have not had a piano in my home for 40 of those years. Finally I have a piano again. I am a choral singer and it helps me practise for concerts. I am planning to start playing again. The piano is wonderful and the stand is very elegant - makes it look like a real piece of furniture. Thank you, Umbreslla Music.

Review by: Allan Southworth

Date: February 19,02012

I am very pleased with my Yamaha NPV80 Digital Piano. Excellent service delivered on the day I choose. A fantastic piano.

Review by: Zsolt Velykovits

Date: December 17,02011

This digital piano was my second pino in my life. Before this I had a Yamaha P33 but as we were expecting our first baby I had to sell it. This piano was the cheapest 88 weighted hammer key piano so I didn't expect too much. If you use it mainly for practice,it won't let you down. The keys are very good, not too hard not too soft. The sounds are very good for a £300 piano. It's worth the money.

Review by: Zsolt Velykovits

Date: December 17,02011

A very good value for the money. Easy to fold and very sturdy.

Review by: Paul Dann

Date: December 07,02011

Delivered exactly when promised; all items present and correct. Excellent service

Review by: mick faherty

Date: November 17,02011

Does what it says on the tin !

Review by: Pedro Alves

Date: September 12,02011

A safe bet if you are giving the first steps into piano learning. Great weighted keys, pedal does feel a bit fragile. Sound through speakers is ok, through headphones is quite good. A good buy.

Review by: Robert Lingwood

Date: March 08,02011

Price good, delivery good.


Date: February 26,02011

Great service from Umbrella Music. Delivered on time. Keyboard bag will be just the job for my Yamaha CP5.

Review by: Tony Tarling

Date: February 20,02011

Excellent keyboard & excellent service from Umbrellamusic.

Review by: Anna Smith

Date: February 03,02011

Being musically inept I can't give a review as to how the Vintage V300 sounds (bought it as a present) but if you were after an acoustic guitar that looks like it might get you some action, this has got to be a top choice. Solidly packed, quick delivery and great people to speak to on the Umbrella order line too! Cheers

Review by: Valerie Morris

Date: January 21,02011

Umbrella's staff were very helpful in going through the choices available in my budget range and recommended this keyboard. It has a really good piano sound and lots of additional features, including a great Arpeggio function. Delivery was prompt.

Review by: M Hawkins

Date: January 20,02011

A great sounding travel guitar which also looks good. As I travel a lot I purchased this item to allow me to keep up my practice whilst I am on the road, the guitar is solidly made and gives a surprisingly great sound. With the full 24 frets and a cut down body the normal guitar balance is obviously different therefore anybody buying this guitar should make sure they get a strap (Not Included) to go with it as this helps, even when you are sitting. I coupled this with a Line6 Pocket Pod which allows me to use backing tracks via my ipod and to practice enjoying the full sound of the guitar. Overall a great sounding guitar at a good price...its just what I was looking for.

Review by: Julia McDonald

Date: January 19,02011

This is a fantastic piece of equipment. It is simple to set up and use and the only extra thing you will need to record material is a microphone. The service from Umbrella Music was great and we will happily use them again.


Date: January 03,02011

Excellent service. Despite the snow delivery was in time for Christmas and communications with Umbrella excellent. Guitar fanastic value!

Review by: John Mayor

Date: January 03,02011

Thank you!

Review by: John Mayor

Date: January 03,02011

Thank you!

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